Black Water

Components designed with an intense attention to detail.

Stealth empowers professional creators to push the limits of what's possible.

Stealth Motors

More Power

For Unreal Flights

Pack of 4 Motors


Stealth Battery

More Energy

For Longer Flights



Stealth Upgrade Packages

Up Your Game

Stealth Performance Package

Filming an action induced car chase or simply craving more performance. Stealth Performance motors combined 

with these Stealth upgrades will give you an unfair advantage.


4x Stealth Motors


Stealth Battery




Stealth Adventure Package

Giving you the confidence to go the distance. Includes 2 upgraded batteries, extra propellers, and higher performance antennas.



Goggle Antennas


Stealth Battery




Stealth Battery

More power, more flight time, built to take a beating

  • Increases flight time from 3.5 min to 6 min

  • 35% more power to the motor

  • Japanese lithium formula

  • Rubberized Nylon Impact Shield

Stealth Motors

A robust build designed for exceptional performance

  • 20% lighter than the Standard Drone Kit Motors

  • 40% more Torque

  • 42,000 max RPM

  • Forged Titanium Shaft

  • Increases top speed to 99mph with Stealth Battery

Stealth Antennas

 Polarized omnidirectional antennas


  • Dual Stealth Goggle Antennas

  • Increases range from 2100ft to 3800ft

  • 10% increase in video stability


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