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Provide your Students with an Unforgettable Learning Experience.

Engage your students in electrical work, physics dynamics, programming aspects and more with a hands-on drone building program

Transform Student Learning

Provide a unique classroom experience by engaging analysis and critical thinking skills with the latest technology. Every school faces different challenges; we meet with each administration to help develop a strategy that'll increase student retention with clear and measurable goals.

Ignite Student Passion for Technology

Bring the world of advanced technologies into the classroom. Drone building provides a hands-on experience in applied science, physics, and mathematics all wrapped in one meaningful learning adventure.

A Rigorous yet Collaborative Experience

Understanding hardware and having a sense of how various technologies work together is essential in a technology-driven future. That's why we've developed a flexible curriculum around our drone kit designed to be seamlessly implemented across multiple teaching styles and platforms, whether it be in a classroom as an elective or an after-school club.

Loaded with Technology

The Beagle Curriculum

The Beagle Drone kit was designed from the ground up to provide an intuitive learning experience. Our curriculum emphasizes on the kits modularity and versatility all while allowing educators provide an effective learning experience.

Versatile yet Simple

What's Inside:

Based on a solder-free design, the Beagle Drone Kit is a complex machine made safe and simple.

Included in our kit are drone motors, ESC's, a carbon fiber frame, Lipo Battery, charger, digital radio controller, FPV camera and optional goggles. From classroom learning applications to a drone racing club, the Beagle Drone Kit is fully equipped for student learning in various applications.

Configure and Program

Customize your Settings:

Built to run on an open source multifaceted software platform. The Beagle Drone kit can be customized to meet the needs of your curriculum or educational project.

Our software allows for the manipulation of multiple variables that affect the drone's performance, handling, stability, modularity, and sensors. This versatility allows the drone to be adaptable in a team project for clubs or for a curriculum in the classroom. Additional sensors can also be added to increase complexity and creativity.

Endless Educational Potential

Create Drone Challenges

Cultivate your students drone flying skills by setting up an obstacle course for them to fly through and between. As an added challenge, have your drone set up with unique settings and time the fastest run.

Research Experimenting

Inspire student curiosity. Have students perform research experiments to understand aerodynamics, physics and electrical work.

Ex: How much weight can a drone pick up and fly with? What variables can be manipulated through hardware to reduce drag or through software to increase efficiency?

Compete Against Classmates

Encourage teamwork by having students build their drone together and once built, off to the races to crown the best drone pilot!

Race against each other either on a Team or Solo 1v1 by competing in a gymnasium or outdoor obstacle course. Our drone can be adjusted through the provided software to never fly above 5-10 ft, keeping the fun controlled and safe.

A Complete Experience

The Beagle Drone Racing Kit is designed to be as versatile and creative as the educator and student. From building, programming, and racing, to experiment testing and team science projects, discover new possibilities with the latest drone technology.

Safety is our #1 priority.

We provide that cushion of support for any physical drone damages at no extra cost. Eliminate any fear of having to find replacement parts, everything is handled by us.

Tailored to your Classroom.

No two students are the same, their learning experiences shouldn't be either. We'll ensure students are offered a refreshing approach to learn new material by providing all necessary resources.

Discover new possibilities tailored to your programs.

Select an option below based on your priority

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