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Light, Portable, 4K Built In

Our most compact, stable, and feature-packed drone.

This much versatility has never been this much ready to go.

Starting at $599 | Watch Video >

Abstract Paper Craft

Freedom to Move. 

Nova allows for the most acrobatic and dynamic shots otherwise not possible. The most advanced computer systems in a Beagle Drone provide a magical experience in a compact design.

4k Ultra HD 

Built In

Total Weight of 248 grams

Action Camera


Space Grade






Permission to take off, Granted.

Nova comes with many flight styles and flight modes switchable on the fly. Switch between any of Nova's flight modes while flying to add more maneuvers to your shot, increase top speed or simply to stabilizes for a smoother transition or soft landing. 

Image by Luke Chesser

Enable the Acro flight style to Acrobatically maneuver around subjects and capture incredibly dynamic shots. The only limits are your imagination.

Complete Creative Control


Get Controlled shots in tight environment. Enabling this flight style from your controller will make Nova lock in focus and keep your flights steady and balanced.

Get Steady Shots


Optimized for filmmaking. Every function of this mode is designed to provide complete smoothness

Adaptive Flight Modes

Normal/Cinema Mode

Designed to adjust Nova's flight characteristics to compensate for the weight of an action camera.

Action Mode

Increase responsiveness and top speed to a maximum of 35mph

Sport Mode

One camera does it all.

Film magical moments in 4k Ultra HD at 60fps, 2.7k 60 or 30fps, or HD 120,60,30. Nova's built-in camera simultaneously records Ultra HD footage to a native SD card while sending a live video feed to your FPV goggles. Whatever the shot requires or your heart desires, Nova is built to capture it.

4K 60FPS

Ultra HD Max Resolution

2.7k 90FPS

Quad HD Slow-Mo


HD 4x Slo-mo

Double The Action.

Nova supports all action cameras with an included mount. This unlocks the ability to dual record in two different settings and opens up a world of imagination for creativity.

Space Grade Materials

Mini but Mighty.

 Our Cyberpunk-inspired design is constructed using Carbon-X, Carbon Fiber, and Aluminum creating an extremely robust chassis that's both lightweight and efficient. We carefully manufactured the components of the Beagle Nova to bring its weight to just 248 grams. This makes Nova ideal for travel and road trips.

Go Beyond. Push Limits.

By design, Nova allows for a greater push into the type of shots it can capture. Get up close and accomplish wondrous one takes which ease. Fly through small gaps, tight spaces and capture epic shots from a whole new perspective. 

Power. Versatility. Safety.

Every aspect of Nova is designed in pursuit of creative freedom. Built to be a seamless machine that gives you the power to capture breathtaking shots. From there, anything is possible.


Most powerful chip in a Beagle Drone.

Powered by an F7 flight chip. The brains of Nova has outclassed our entire drone lineup. Enabling next-gen features and capabilities. Flights are more locked in and responsive, creating an exceptionally smooth flight experience.


Boost Charge

Never Slows You Down.

Change the way you think about charging. Nova's included charger will charge each Nova standard battery from 0 to 50% in under 5 minutes and from 0-100% in 15 minutes.

FPV Experience

A series of complex computer systems working together in a compact and portable frame. Nova provides complete freedom however and wherever you want to create. Perfectly compose your shot with a direct view of your goggles.

Designed to go
wherever you go.

Explore your world without limitations. Professional on a video shoot or on a family vacation, Nova is your ideal travel companion. Being compact and coming in at the weight of an orange, Nova is light enough to place in a backpack and durable enough to take anywhere.

Even more great features

Nova goes above and beyond. Here's more of what Nova can do

Dynamic Power Output

Nova automatically enters a low power mode when not in flight. Nova can be adjusted to increase power output once flying to increase range.

Water Resistant

All electronic components are sealed off from the elements. designed to resist damage caused by light splashes, sprinkles, and sprays. 

High Voltage Architecture

Optimized for efficiency. The Nova system is designed to handle up to 6s 27 volts of high discharge power.

SD Card up to 128GB

Nova Supports up to 128GB of SD storage. When filming 4k please be sure to have a 4k rated SD card.


In the event of an accident or a lost drone, Nova will automatically begin to emit an audible sound from its location. This can also be enabled from a controller switch.

NOVA in the box

In The Box

  • Nova

  • Controller

  • 2x Standard Batteries

  • 1x Non-Slip Battery Strap

  • 40 Watt Charger

  • 1x Action Camera Mount

  • 2x Hex Key Tools (0.5 mm & 1 mm)

  • 1x Nova Quick Start Guide

  • 1x Nova Action Camera Mount

  • SD card removal tool

Tech Specs

Built on a carbon fiber frame that stretches 6.7 inches diagonally supported by aluminum struts holding together both carbon top plate and carbon base​.


  • 3s 11.1volt 120c discharge 

  • Stealth Upgrade* - Coming Soon​


  • 40w Fast charger


Camera System

  • FPV Camera 1000TVL 1.8mm lens 165° FOV. 1080P/60, 1080P/120, 2.7K/60, 4k/30, 4k/60 (REAL 3.5K/60FPS)

  • HD FPV Goggles with dual antenna


  • Micro USB 3.0

  • MMCX video transmitter antenna port

  • RP-SMA Goggle antenna port

  • XT30U Battery connection port

  • Micro SD card slot support Up to 128gb



  • BetaFlight (Supports all features)

  • Supports Future Beagle updates

Tech Specs
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