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Help - Issue with Remote Controller Transmitter Setup

Issue with Remote Controller Transmitter Setup:

If the Remote Control (RC) Transmitter fails to connect and displays the following message: “Transmitter Calibration Setup Wizard is not recognizing”

  • Make sure all the motors are plugged in completely

  • Double check if each ESC is plugged in correctly into the power distribution board

  • Go one step back on the software setup and redo the ESC Calibration process carefully

If motors are still unresponsive after doing the steps above, proceed below.

Step 1:

If the Motors and ESCs are warm and/or hot:

  1. Stop the calibration process on the software (Return the slider down to its starting position)

  2. Unmount (unscrew) the motor from the frame while leaving all the wires connected properly

  3. Move the motor slightly off of the frame and place it on your table/work bench

  4. Ensure ‘Calibrate all motors simultaneously’ is checked

  5. Proceed to continue with the Motor calibration process following the instructions on the software setup.

If the motor spin that means the mounting screws were over-tightened.

Next step is to make sure to have the motor calibration slider is returned to starting point on the software and press stop.

Ensure the screws mounting the motors down to the frame are the small 5mm screws and not the longer 7mm screws.

Proceed to mount the motors and do not over-tighten.


Did we resolve your issue?

If you have a unique issue related to your motor, such as a grinding noise/whistle, etc. Proceed to sending us a Direct Message using the bar on the bottom right of your screen or email us at Leave your name, email and phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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