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Beagle Neo 2

Experience the thrill of flight anywhere

Fun on the Go

Safe & Easy to Fly

Explore The World Like Never Before


Goggles Included:

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Neo 2 takes flying and portability to the next level with live feed first-person view goggles. Offering advanced features in a compact size, the Neo 2 has safe and easy to use controls that allow you to experience a birds-eye view of your surrounding environment.

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Built-In Live Camera

Ultralight Weight

Durable Travel Case

See What Your Drone Sees

Enjoy an immersive experience by using the built-in camera to transmit live video feed to your First-Person-View goggles. Even in low lighting, it can provide clear and crisp video feed, perfect for late night flights around the house.

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Effortless Acrobatic Movements

360° Flips

With the press of a button, perform 4 different types of flips.

  • Flip (Front & Back)

  • Barrel Roll (Right & Left)